Marketing: What it Cannot Do? And What it can!

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Marketing does not work for entrepreneurs and companies that have unrealistic expectations about its powers.


Be clear on this.


Marketing cannot create an instant influx of new clients, customers or cause an immediate and dramatic increase in your profits, substitute for second-rate quality or service, solve all your cash flow problems, create a desire for unwanted products or services, or sell the right product to the wrong people, in the wrong place, or at the wrong time.


What kind of marketing reaches the people who really buy?

That’s easy – it is the type of marketing that involves prospects and informs customers and clients. It can’t do this unless it interests prospects and customers. It has an easier time doing this if it illustrates your benefits.


Marketing works because it invites your prospects in to make a purchase. And it works because you know and practice the thing that makes it work – commitment to your marketing plan.


Fortunately, at Forterun, it is relatively simple to reach the people who buy and convince them that you have what they want. This is because there is so little great marketing being practiced, so little actually getting through to people.

That’s why, with the attitude and energy of Forterun Global, it is not difficult to stand apart from your competitors and to shine in the minds of your prospects.


People do need and want things, and marketing shows that these things are available, affordable, and desirable. It works because many people are about to make a purchase and honestly appreciate being steered in the right direction.

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