Forterun Global assists our clients enhance their global trading growth strategies. Our Market Entry services include:

Corporate Structuring

A key aspect of our Market Entry services offering includes our engineering a global structure to facilitate trade in Nigeria and out of Nigeria in a tax-efficient manner.

Geographical Presence

We would advise you whether to establish a Branch, representative office or Limited Liability Company within the countries/ markets you intend to conduct business in.

Corporate Bank Account

Forterun Global will assist you open a corporate bank account in-country.

Business Merchant Account

Forterun Global will assist you open a merchant account to allow your Firm to receive customer credit card payments through your business website.


We would help you to recruit your key first staffs, train and give them proven market data to help them get you the desired work that you desire.

Office Selection

Depending on the industry or market sector that you are targeting, would determine the type of office you would need to get. This can be virtual, co-working, shared or your own space complete with services and furnishing.

Residential Selection

Depending on your modus operandi, would determine your residential options. This could range from hotel options, shortlet arrangement, renting out an apartment or outright buying, etc. The options are limitless.


To improve the marketability of your products and services, Forterun Global will help build a business website for your Firm through its vendor web developers.

Online Marketing

Forterun Global will build advertising campaigns on the search engines to increase the awareness of your business, products, services, landing pages online.

Letter of Credit

We will assist your Firm to obtain a L/C support from local banks to support your international business.

Corporate/Project Finance

Forterun Global works with some of the leading finance houses in Nigeria, Europe and Asia to help our clients secure Corporate/Project Finance.

All these can be done individually for you or as a packaged service. Either way, we would send you a budget and a requirements list with respect to the service.

If you would like to contact us for any of the Market Entry services listed, please fill your details below: