Leap Africa’s “Managing Growth for Profitability” CEO Forum

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Knowledge is Power that seems to be the motto for most trainers in Nigeria and implementing this knowledge is usually the headache of the student.

We seem to have a lot of training on everything but very little to show for it.

The companies that make a $1 million or more are the foreign companies based in Nigeria.

Yet there are a lot of training of Nigerian entrepreneurs, intending entrepreneurs, laymen, staff and corporate staff and you wonder why there is little or no implementation. Is there a fear of implementation?

Is there a fear of implementation?

Rather just a few people are implementing and mainly those who has made a conscious effort to implement what they have learnt. Implementation is practice, practice and more practice.

There are a lot of mistakes and failures while implementing but with continuous implementation and lessons learned help change to move humanity forward.

Listening to the Founder & MD of SLOT Systems Limited, Nnamdi Ezeigbo speak at the Leap Africa’s 12th CEOs Forum themed “Managing Growth for Profitability” on the 1st of June, 2017 where he spoke on marketing and innovation.

Nnamdi’s presentation in nutshell was on the power of implementing knowledge.

managing growth

It is interesting to know that Slot Systems Limited is building a country and has over 700 staff in its employment. That is 700 people off the unemployment market all because of implementing what he studied.

Therefore, implementing knowledge that has been learnt is always transformational.

Forterun and partners have recognized that very few Nigerians are implementing knowledge to grow exponentially within the shortest possible time.

Implementation is practice, practice and more practice.

We have also recognized that most entrepreneurs in Nigeria are not prepared to work for the long haul. They want the results but are not prepared to put in the work to achieve the results.

Some of them would rather use outdated methods of pumping out sales letters and emails that they never get replies from.

Insanity is continuously using the same old business strategies that don’t work and expecting a miracle to occur. Faith using old methods that don’t work.

Insanity is continuously using the same old business strategies that don’t work and expecting a miracle to suddenly occur.

This work is not just any work but rather it is strategic thinking and implementation that allows change to take place and move humanity forward. It is the work that gets you going from zero to hero.

The road to successful entrepreneurship is using a few building blocks to achieve growth irrespective of the state of the economy.

It is our responsibility as entrepreneurs to realise that the marketplace is a war zone filled with sharks (competitors) and they would stop at nothing to attempt or try to take us out of business just because they want some piece of the action.

The good news is with a better strategy, you can stay in business and remain relevant than your competitors.

We have recognized that, most entrepreneurs in Nigeria just want the result and are not prepared to work the system. The systems are what gets you from zero to hero in 12 months or more.

SME Business Growth Hub

SME Business Growth Hub has been formed with the mindset that there is no need to study something if the student would or might not implement the teachings and strategies in their SME moving forward to effect real change. The time of training and not implementing is over.

The aim is to help SMEs to grow using innovative thinking, have fun and share information while growing.

If you want to join, send a message to +234 903 915 1191 on Whatsapp requesting to join.

It is free to join and when you buy into any of our coaching or training we migrate you to our exclusive group on Facebook which is only for paying members we work with during implementation.

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