Forterun’s Vision

To see a Nigeria of entrepreneurs and leaders solving meaningful problems on a global scale.

Forterun’s Mission

To impact 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs to DOMINATE their market by the year 2035

Areas of Specialisation

We work in specific customer segments.
This includes: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Business Proprietors, Business Decision Makers, Startups, SMEs, Private Clients, Private Wealth & Institutional Investors.
We perform specific tasks like access to finance, research, business development, project management, market strategy plans, campaigns and execution, business opportunity, business matchmaking and many more.

Our Core Values


eat the dog food

We use the tools we promote. We follow the advice we give.We demonstrate and prove the value we offer.


be data driven

We treat every interaction with a user as a data point to improve our offering, marketing and customer service. We use this data to validate our hypotheses. We treat content as experiments with data, and help users learn from these experiments to improve their content.


learn by doing

We get smarter, stonger and better by doing radical trial and error. We value how quickly a person can learn more than what they already know.


embrace heresy

We question conventions, avoid conformity, and state openly the things we believe to be true - especially when others will disagree.


promote others

We use our platform as a megaphone to broadcast the people in our network and help them RISE!


collaborate with clients

We include customers in our decisions and treat them with gratitude, empathy and respect.


write for the reader

We put ourselves in the shoes of our readers (and users). We try to see through their eyes. We make it easy for them to understand our message.